Case 422

Case 422


A 42-year-old female seeks medical attention complaining of mouth dryness. Denies xerophthalmia, arthralgia, stiffness or joint swelling.  Denies dermatological complaints or use of tricyclic antidepressants. In physical examination, it was noted dryness of the labial mucosa and atrophic and dry tongue, no other abnormalities. Laboratory exams showed positive ANA and anti-Ro/SS-A antibodies, only. Requested salivary glands scintigraphy.

In light of the patient’s clinical condition and of the scintigraphy image above, what is the main diagnostic hypothesis?

Questão de Prova

UFG - Medical Clinic test - 2009


In primary Sjögren’s Syndrome, the following laboratory changes are described: 

Na síndrome de Sjögren primária, as seguintes alterações laboratoriais são descritas: