Case 367

Case 367

Medical history

36-year-old male patient started cramp-type pain in lower abdomen and in both legs two days ago. Known sickle cell anaemia patient with multiple red cells transfusion in the past, also had a recent diagnosis of fibrous chronic liver disease. Denies alcohol consumption nor familial liver diseases. Diagnosis of sickle cell pain crisis is made and patient is hospitalized for laboratorial review and imaging study to better elucidate the liver disease aetiology.

Considering the clinical data, the laboratorial panel and the images, the most likely aetiology is:


(2014 – UFG – Emergency Medicine - Adapted)

Analyse the following clinical cases:

                     1. 15-year-old female with mild elevation of transaminases and ANA positivity.

                     2. 56-year-old male, diabetic, dark skin, family history of cirrhosis.

                     3. 35-year-old male, ulcerative rectocolitis and GGT and PA alterations, also mild transaminases alteration.

                     4. 32-year-old male with dysarthria, spasticity, low platelets and Kayser-Fleischer rings.

 The diagnosis of these clinical cases are, respectively: