Case 216

Case 216


Female patient, two years nine months old, with a previous diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type 1 is sent to the emergency department of the HC-UFMG due to blood pressure measurement of 190x130mmHg MRS (p99 120x97). Her mother reported restless sleep and night sweats. Laboratory tests were performed: renin: 60 ng/ml (reference value 0.06 to 4.69), aldosterone: 1284 pg/ml (25-315), urinary normetanephrine: 276 µg/24h (up to 800), urinary metanephrine: 62 µg/24 (up to 400), TSH: 3,960 µUI/ml (0.3 to 5.0), free T4: 1,49 ng/dL (0.75 to 1.8). Prior ultrasound showed left kidney smaller than the right one and unchanged parenchyma. Then, it was asked for a angiography of renal arteries.

Angiography of the renal arteries.

Angiography of renal arteries with iodinated contrast injection preferably in the left renal artery.

Based on clinical data and laboratory tests, which is the correct statement regarding the diagnosis and treatment?