Case 193

Case 193


Female patient, 3 years old, accompanied by her mother. She was referred to the pediatric hospital with a case of pruriginous, papulovesicular lesions ongoing for 65 hours. The lesions first appeared in the face and trunk and later on thighs, arms and forearms, associated with non-measured fever and prostration. A year ago she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and, at the time, was on maintenance chemotherapy. On examination: patient was irritated, tearful, axillary temperature of 37,0ºC. Papulovesicular lesions in all segments cited as well as those shown in the following pictures.

Photograph of the child´s body on the left side.


Photograph showing left upper limb, left half of the face and torso.

According to the history and physical examination of the patient, which is the most appropriate conduct?