Case 328

Medical history

Female patient, 39 years old, asymptomatic, with 33 weeks of her first pregnancy. Denies comorbidities. Low-risk pregnancy, with normal previous gestational ultrasound (US). Current ultrasound examination reveals: female fetus and abdominal cystic formation (Images 1 and 2).

Considering the clinical history and the images presented, what would be the most appropriate conduct for the case reported?

Test Question

(Medical Residency - UFPR) A 26-year-old female patient, nulliparous, comes for gynecological consult, reporting low-intensity pelvic pain in the left iliac fossa. Sexarch at age 21, has regular menstrual cycles, does not use oral hormonal contraceptive. Contraceptive method used: condom. Little sexual activity and negative surgical history. Specular examination without alterations. Vaginal touch: Cartilaginous cervix, anteversion of the uterus, normal size. Sensation of mobile mass in the left attachment. You request endovaginal pelvic ultrasound: uterus in anteversion. Volume of 70 cm³. Endometrium 6 mm. Right ovary with 6 cm³ volume. Cyst in the left ovary, smooth walls and without septations, measuring 8 cm. 
From this picture, what is the proper conduct?

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