Case 406

Medical history

A 32-years-old female, in her second pregnancy, is submitted to fetal echocardiographic evaluation due to intrauterine growth restriction (10-percentile), with normal previous propaedeutic (nuchal translucency and obstetrical ultrasound without further alterations). Gestational age of 21 weeks and 3 days. The patient had no remarkable medical history, without known usage of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

Considering the clinical history and images presented, what is the most likely diagnosis?

Test question

(EBSERH – HUAP - UFF) Pediatric Cardiology – 2016

The Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect (CAVC) is the most common heart disease in patients with Down syndrome, and those with Down syndrome represent about 70% of patients with CAVC. Rastelli's classification is based on the relation of the anterior leaflet to the top of the interventricular septum or to the right ventricle’s papillary muscles. The most frequent type (70%) occurs when the anterior bridge leaflet is inserted at the top of the interventricular septum and is classified as:

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