Case 395

Medical history

A 64-year-old male, admitted with sudden, cataclysmic, retrosternal chest pain, radiating to the back, accompanied by sweating and shortness of breath. History of systemic arterial hypertension since 18 years old, refractory to treatment. On examination: BP: 220 x 120 mmHg, protodiastolic decrescendo murmur in aortic area, aspirative, grade II, and reduction of the left radial pulse. No focal neurological deficits. A CT scan of the thoracic aorta was requested.

Given the clinical and radiological data presented, indicate the most likely diagnosis:

Test question

(UERJ - cardiologist - 2017) A patient, hypertensive, presents with excruciating pain in the posterior region of the chest. Computed tomography showed type B intramural hematoma.

Of the factors described below, what is related to spontaneous hematoma resolution is:

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