Case 388

Medical history

64-year-old smoker male who underwent subtotal esophagectomy in 2016 due to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in the middle thoracic esophagus. Thoracoscopic approach was performed, with esophageal reconstruction with gastric tube through laparotomy and cervicotomy. There were no per or postoperative complications. Three years later, he returned to the service complaining of odynophagia and a feeling of “getting stuck” in the esophagus for about 24 hours. Upper digestive endoscopy was performed for evaluation.

Among the options below, what is the most likely diagnosis for this patient, considering the clinical data and the images presented?

Test question

(Endoscopist Medical Exam 2011 - City Hall of Betim / MG) In the case of foreign bodies in the esophagus, it is INCORRECT to state:

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