Case 386

Medical history

Female patient, 2 year and 7 months old. Her mother reports hypopigmented, non-pruritic lesions on the patient’s face (image 1) and trunk, which have been present from the first months of her life. Recently, the face lesion has become more visible, which caused esthetic discomfort. The patient presents with diffusely dry skin; worsening of symptoms is observed after hot showers. Previous history of atopic dermatitis.

Considering the clinical history and images presented, what is the most likely diagnosis of the lesion?

Test question

COREME - Pediatria HC UFPR - 2017) Six-year-old male patient presents with hypochromic lesions on the face with smooth peeling, which appeared in the past three months. His mother reports symptoms onset after summer and associates them to “worm infection”. Clinical examination shows hypochromic macules with poorly defined margins, measuring 2 to 3cm in diameter, on the malar region, with tender, furfuraceous desquamation. Thermal and pain sensitivity tests did not show any alterations. Histamine test demonstrated triple response of Lewis.

Considering the clinical history, the diagnosis is:

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