Case 372

Medical History

Male patient, 14-years-old, comes to a primary care health center due to “red spots” on arms and legs for 5 days, which has been increasing in quantity, and aren’t accompanied by fever or other symptoms. The purpuric lesions initially appeared on both thighs, did not change in size, and were not preceded by flu-like episodes or drug use. On physical examination, there were the lesions in photos 1-3, predominant in the lower limbs, and which did not disappear on digital pressure. Routine urinalysis, blood count and coagulogram were requested. The next day, he returned complaining of diffuse abdominal pain and dysuria, but no fever or alterations of the skin lesions. The requested exams results had no alterations.

Analysing the images, laboratory tests and the clinical history, the most likely diagnosis is:

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