Case 355

Medical history

Newborn female patient, term gestation with induced vaginal labour, APGAR 6/5, kept in 5 until 20 minutes of life. High risk prenatal due to neurological malformations, IUGR and hydrocephaly, observed in the 31st week ultrasound (US) and severe bilateral ventriculomegaly, enlarged posterior fossa and III ventricle and hypoplasia of the vermis observed in the 36th week US. After stabilization, patient was submitted to a brain MRI for neurological evaluation.


Considering the clinical data and the images, the most likely diagnosis is:


Test question

(Medical Residence 2015 – EBSERH - ADAPTED) 

The foetal CNS anomaly in which, at US, the liquid located at an dilated cisterna magna  clearly communicates with the IV ventricle through a malformation in the cerebellar vermis and the cerebellar hemispheres are obviously distinct, with usual ventriculomegaly, is named:

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