Case 350

Medical history

Male patient, 23 years old, complains of pain in the right hand during extension and flexion of the wrist, in the last 15 days. He associates it with the fact that he slept with his head lying on the palm of his hand. At the physical examination: light edema and pain during the palpation of the scapholunate region of the right hand, associated with limitation of the extension and flexion of the ipsilateral wrist. Plain radiograph of the right hand and wrist without alteration, complementary Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) requested.

Considering the clinical history and the images presented, what are the most likely diagnosis and mechanism of this kind of lesion?

Questão de Prova

(PUC-PR - 2012) The scaphoid structures with worst prognosis are related to consolidation and development of complications that occur on:

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