Case 344

Medical history

Female patient, 48 years old, with progressive intermittent holocranial headache, bradipsiquism, spatial disorientation, slow walking, nausea and vomiting. Past medical history: Primary cancer of the right breast (T2N1, HER2+) diagnosed at the age of 42 and treated with mastectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy. Progression with recurrence in the left breast, lymph nodes and lung metastases, and liver nodules after two years of the underlying disease diagnosis. Requested magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain.


After data analysis, the medical team raised the hypothesis of breast cancer brain metastases, opting for resection of one of the lesions. What complication presented in the images explains the conduct?

Test question



Com relação às metástases cerebrais, é CORRETO afirmar:

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