Case 338

Medical history

Male patient, 47 years old, reporting pulsatile neck mass on the right side, with progressive growth in the past 8 years, asymptomatic. Hypertensive, alcoholic, ex-smoker, denies coronary artery disease or previous stroke. Treatment for syphilis in 2010. No family history of similar lesions, allergies and/or use of medication. Absence of neurologic deficits and wide, rhythmical and symmetrical peripheral pulses.

Considering the clinical history and the picture above, what is the most likely diagnosis?

Test Question

State Commission for Medical Residency - CEREM BAHIA - Unified Medical Residency Process (2015, Modified) - Male patient, 64 years old, hypertensive and ex-smoker (quit smoking 10 years ago), completely asymptomatic, during the urologic routine evaluation received the ultrasonographic diagnosis of increase of the abdominal aorta dimensions, quantified as 4,8 cm latero-lateral and 5,6 cm anteroposterior. His father had two aneurysms in the left iliac artery.

Considering the presented history, the main risk factors for the abdominal aorta aneurysm in the case are:

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