Case 327

Medical history

A 2 year-old male patient with short bowel syndrome is in the late postoperative period (7 weeks) of a extensive enterectomy. After several unsuccessful peripheral venous access insertions attempts and previous venous thrombosis, he went under a central venous access puncture (right femoral vein), guided by ultrasonography (US), in which great difficulty in the guidewire navigation was observed. After 48 hours, the patient was tearful, feverish (38,7°C) and with abdominal distension, without nausea or vomiting. Plain abdominal radiography and abdominal computed tomography were requested.


Considering the clinical history of the patient and the provided images, what is the most likely diagnosis?

Test Question

(SUS – PE 2015. Direct Access)
Comparing the central venous puncture sites used in the clinical practice, it is CORRECT to affirm that

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