Case 308


Image 1: Left knee radiography, anteroposterior (AP) projection.


Image 2: Left knee radiography, external anteroposterior oblique projection.


Image 3: Left knee radiography, medial-lateral projection.


Image 4: Left knee radiography, internal anteroposterior oblique projection.

63 year-old female patient with a history of falling from her own height the day before and contuse trauma on her left knee. Seeks medical attention complaining left foot and ankle paresthesia and hypoaesthesia in the left leg. Reported seeking another service the day before, when she performed radiography and was sent home with analgesics. Denies any comorbidities.

After analyzing the clinical data and the radiography, which one is the most likely diagnosis and the respective complication presented by the patient?

Questão de prova

In relation to low back pain, one of the pathologies that most incapacitate the individuals of economically active age, mark the correct option.

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