Case 303

Medical history

31 year-old male patient, appears at the Emergency Care Unity complaining intense stabbing and burning pain in posterior thoracic region, which started three days before. Refers usage of Dipyrone with no benefits. Denies any comorbidities, traumas, allergies or chronic medication. According to the patient he lives with his wife, who is pregnant, and his 6 year-old son, both asymptomatic. During examination, one could see dorsal lesions (Images 1 and 2).

Considering that both the wife and son do not presents neither history of this disease nor the etiological agent of this affection, and that there is no information about their vaccine situation, the most adequate conduct, provided by Brazilian public healthcare system, would be to administer:

Test Question

(Medical Residence - UFPE) Marcela is 3 days old, born from term natural childbirth. Her mother acquired varicella 5 days before labor. Which conduct should be taken regarding Marcela?

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