Case 301

Medical history

Primigravid patient, 35 years old, at 35 weeks’ gestation with normal pregnancy course, did a obstetric ultrasound examination, which is represented by images 1 and 2. Two weeks later, with 37 weeks' gestation, a new obstetric ultrasonography was made, which its images showed in images 3 and 4. Fetal heartbeats were present at a regular frequency.

According to the clinical case and the images available, the correct diagnosis and its management are:

Test question

(Public tender for Administrative Technical Servants - 2011 - Obstetrical Physician Position - Lauro Wanderley University Hospital / ADAPTED) Caesarean is still frequently practiced in an abusive manner, while the forceps have been less used. Regarding cesarean operation and forceps, it is INCORRECT to state that:

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