Case 283

Medical History

Female, 30 years old, diagnosed with an 8-year story of persistent hypertension in use of four antihypertensive drugs, is admitted to the hospital due to a Hypertensive Urgency. Laboratorial findings included asymptomatic hypokalemia (K=1,7mEq/L). Other exams were requested: Plasma Aldosterone = 44ng/dL and Plasma Renin Activity = 0,1ng/mL/h, thus revealing an aldosterone-to-renin ratio (ARR) of 440. Primary Aldosteronism (PA) was then diagnosed and further imaging studies were requested.

Analyzing the patient's story and the given Computer Tomography (CT) images, the most probable etiologic diagnose for this patient's Primary Aldosteronism (PA) is:

Test Question

(TRT-RJ: Analista em Cardiologia - 2011) In a case of primary hyperaldosteronism, the most probable findings in blood examination and adrenal histology for POTASSIUM, RENIN, pH and HISTOLOGY are, respectively:

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