Case 261

Medical History

A 21-year-old female patient, previously healthy, sought dentistry complaining of pain in the left mandibular region. A computed tomography of the face was requested (Image 1), which revealed a bone lesion in the left mandible. A total lesion exeresis was performed, which was described as an osteoma by anatomopathological examination. She denied other complaints. Reports a family history of colon carcinoma (father, grandfather and uncle), therefore a colonoscopy evaluation with biopsy (Image 2) was recommended (anatomopathological result: colonic adenomas). A total colectomy (image 3) was then performed and confirmed the previous anatomopathological result. Eighteen months after the procedure, the patient remains asymptomatic.

Based on the clinical history of this patient and the abnormalities described in the propaedeutic, what is the most likely diagnosis?

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