Case 184

Medical history

MCT, female, 28 years old, gestational age of 32 weeks, was referred to the fetal medicine service due to the suspicion of fetal hydronephrosis in the previous ultrasonography (USG). A new USG showed a solid abdominal mass, with varying echogenicity, measuring 5,7x6,6 cm with intense flow on the Doppler velocimetry. For better assessment of the mass, a MRI was requested, which revealed a complex and well-defined image.

Obstetric ultrasound, showing both of the fetus' kidneys.

Doppler velocimetric analysis of the fetus' left kidney.

Patient's abominal Magnetic Ressonance Imaging, sagital view.

Patient's abominal Magnetic Ressonance Imaging, axial view.


Based on clinical history and imaging tests, which the most likely diagnosis?

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