Case 93

Medical History

A 28-year-old male was admitted at the emergency department for a 40-minute constricting chest pain which was not associated with breathing, physical activity or tenderness on palpation. He reported being at work when he experienced such pain and denied dyspnea or any other symptoms associated. He was previously healthy, did not take any medications and had no family history of coronary artery disease. He denied smoking, drinking alcohol or illicit drug use. He worked as hod carrier. On physical examination it was observed: BMI: 25, BP: 120/80 mmHg, PR: 88/min, RR: 20/min, normal breath sounds, regular heart rhythm and rate, normal heart sounds without murmurs and a soft, non-tender abdomen.

Based on the patient's clinical history, we might assume that the electrocardiographic findings are compatible with:

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