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Apps make life easier for Radiology professionals

Before the first Radiology courses in Brazil appeared, workers learned in practice and in foreign books. With many difficulties, they translated great works and learned from each other, in their daily work.

Today, the internet has become popular and the reality is different, there is a range of possibilities to learn and improve your professional life with the use of simple and free applications.

According to our surveys, in 2013 alone, 321 new Radiology software were created for smartphones and tablets, with applicability for mammography, anatomy, tomography, radiotherapy, radioprotection and other specialties. Although there is a universe of applications, few are still in Portuguese.

One of them was developed by technologists Thiago Rubens and Renata Raquel, Mamografiapp, which provides content on positioning, anatomy of the breast, artifacts, concepts, book tips and spaces for social networks. “The application was developed as a research project and today reaches more than a thousand users. Currently, these programs are used in Diagnostic Imaging Clinics, for clients’ access to services. It is a market with many possibilities ”, explains Thiago. In addition to Mamografiapp, we separated some more applications that are worth checking out:

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